On April 27th, 2020, I picked up a camera, downloaded video editing software, and hit record.

I’ve never used a camera, or any type of editing software. Before I got a chance to get some hands on experience with film making, the Corona Virus struck. I didn’t want to wait! So with no experience I went for it! Even though I am still trying to figure it out, I still post! I truly enjoy everything about videography. From the gear, to the upload, and everything in between. Especially the comments and interactions! Ever since finding my faith, and finally sobering up in 2016, I have been on a quest to share my story, and hope to make an impact on my surroundings. (With Videography, and YouTube, that impact can stretch far beyond my surroundings!) I’ve never had a passion for anything positive like this in my life till now!

This channel is basically an ongoing visual documentation of my journey with storytelling through videography, and photography, in hopes to find my style, my vision, and myself!

Hope you enjoy!

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