What Are We Doing!

Mom and I have vlogged together some. We did a series called Monday’s With Marcy. Ten of them. And she’s been in and out of the vlogs along the way. We’ve talked about doing a cooking show of some sort for quite a while now. But one thing leads to another and it never happens. … Continue reading What Are We Doing!

Daily Devoted So far this year I wake up every morning, thank God, and I write. I start by making my coffee because I can’t function without coffee first. I check my phone to make sure I haven’t gotten any important messages through the night….and see how the socials are doing for just a second … Continue reading Daily Devoted

Faith | Hope | Love When Hanky and I got married one of our scriptures we focused on was 1 Corinthians 13:13, faith hope and love. Ever since then I have thought a lot about that scripture. In mid two thousand and twenty I started wondering what a life of faith hope and love would look like … Continue reading Faith | Hope | Love

Gospel Sundays With Danny Potter

It’s Sunday, and like every Sunday since Covid hit, I’m heading down to the bakery to meet Danny Potter. The bakery is closed on Sundays, so it’s just me and Danny……and 30,000 folks on Facebook! Danny Potter is a long-time friend of our family. Him and Rory met back in the 90’s when Rory came … Continue reading Gospel Sundays With Danny Potter