Video To Music

Like most people, I love music. All kinds of music, but mostly the kind of music that rips your heart out or has an awesome hook or amazing vocals paired with a great story. Growing up with a songwriter in our family I think it gave me a different perspective on music. It seemed like every time we would see Rory he would have a new song to share with us he had written. We heard hundreds of great songs that never made it to the radio or on a cd for the world to hear. Over the years I was able to get a glimpse into the hardships of where songs sometimes come from, the creativity it takes to bring them to life and the passion of people that often live those stories themselves.

It is often said that music is the greatest time machine. Not a day goes by I don’t hear a song that takes me back to a place in my life. I can see, feel and taste the world around me in that moment. Depending on the moment, the same song can take me to several different memories in my life or, every now and then, it creates a new time stamp. Then and there. I love that about music. I love how it can paint a picture in your mind every time you hear it. It speaks to you. I sometimes compare it to the bible. I always hear the bible is a living bible. I like to think its true. I can read a verse today with what’s going on in the world around me and in 6 months the same verse may speak to me differently. Music does that for me too.

I came across a song called “When I am calling your name”, by Giant Ember when I was making daily videos. It’s in Daily Vlog #15(She Came Back.) I loved the song and it had that effect on me. It painted a picture, and ever since then I’ve wanted to make another video using it.

But instead I decided to try and make a video to the music. I finally got it done!  I could see myself making several of these.

Check it out on my YouTube Page.

Hope you like it. Let me know what you think….

3 thoughts on “Video To Music

  1. I marvel at how God connected us (thru Rory’s blog when he mentioned you) and now you & Hannah & Marcy have become a part of life as I follow your stories. Mikel, God has Gifted you with this ability to share your stories while bringing Glory to God thru all things. You remain in my prayers that God will continue to guide you, lead you and bless you. In Jesus’ Love and mine too, shelly

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