Story Time at the Bakery (Intro Story)

I thought of the idea for Story Time at the Bakery, While spending time with my close friend Kristian. Kristian was a huge part of this story and helping me as I was just beginning to explore whether or not I wanted to share my story – specifically, HOW I was going to share it, if I did. I started my blog (@tallbeardeddoughboy), but I was also very interested in shooting videos because they seem to give a story life in a familiar and more intimate way for me. Part of the reason I was thinking about sharing my story was because of all the people that had such an impact on my life, simply by being brave enough to share their lives regardless of what people might think, in the hopes of helping others while becoming a better person themselves. It made me think a lot about the fact that, everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is going through or has gone through something that someone else might be going through or has gone through. I believe God gives us these stories for a reason. That’s when I realized, “Maybe the bakery could be a special place people could come to share their stories.” Every day we have customers come in and share special life moments with us. I thought, “Maybe somehow Jaeden and I could sit with them and video the whole thing!” We could add voice overs, music, interesting angles and so many different things that would make intimate videos to help really get people’s stories across in a special way. We would add contact info for them (if they wanted), and post it with the hopes of it reaching people that might need to hear it. Then, people that are touched by the video could contact the story teller and share how their video helped or inspired them.” How cool would it be if people came from all over the country to Marcy Jo’s Bakery to share their stories because they were inspired by a video they seen from us and wanted to share theirs also! I love that!

There’s nothing like the feeling you get when the trials of your life become a blessing for someone else. I believe we all have a story that could help others, if we could only get it out there. We haven’t nailed down exactly how we are gonna go about the whole thing, but we believe God has a plan for this.

If you would like to share your story or if you want to know more about what we are doing, follow us on Facebook @marcyjosbakery, @tallbeardeddoughboy, @jaedenkennedyfilms, or email me at

Changin Lives….”One story at a time.”

8 thoughts on “Story Time at the Bakery (Intro Story)

  1. I love this! Would you like us to email you our stories or post them here? Sharing stories that others can relate to puts us all on the same level. Able to identify with each other. There is healing in that common ground.


  2. Mikel that is beautiful thing. That is so true, our stories can be such a source of healing for others. I firmly believe that is part of the journey. Love this idea!

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  3. I love, love , love this idea. Not only do I have a story it involves how Joey helped me and still in my journey of grieving for a Daughter I lost in 2015 at the age of 21. Joey and I share so much in common it’s unbelievable. Her bday is the same day as my eldest son who is the 1st of 11 birth children. The 11th child a girl is just 5 days younger than Indiana. Joey found out she had cancer in May 2015 the month and year I lost my daughter . I am 13 years my Husband’s Senior (Joey & Rory) are almost this difference in age. I met my Husband June 14th 2008 close enough to the wedding Anniversary of Joey & Rory. I sing joeys songs whenever and wherever I can karaoke/ church . I have always thought that it would be so much fun and honorable to do karaoke at Marcy Jo’s it is Joeys songs and lyrics and her style of music that keep me going everyday. I would love to sing a song or songs (Karaoke) in joeys memory’s at MarcyJo’s where we are guaranteed great food and desserts too. It’s how I keep her alive in my life , because of how much she/ her music really helps me.

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  4. I Love this idea!!

    We’ve been coming to Marcy Jo’s for some time now and we absolutely LOVE this restaurant and bakery. Not just for all the yummy food and desserts but for the people who work hard to make it so comfortable for us. We visit every Thursday (we rotate locations) and share our lives with y’all. I can’t tell you how important this is for us. We feel like family now.

    We have shared stories with many other customers and I believe this to be an awesome idea. Isn’t that what life is about? Sharing our lives. We all have a story and we all have something to offer.

    Thank you Mikel
    We love y’all
    Laura Arthur


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