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If what you’re doing with your life won’t make a meaningful story, it won’t make a meaningful life.

Donald Miller

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Recovered (Page 2)

Chapter 1 Page 2 As I open the garage door I can’t help but to expect her standing there in the kitchen, but she’s not. I pause for a second after I shut the door to see if I hear any movement. My stomach feels full. The beer is starting to kick in. There’s a … Continue reading Recovered (Page 2)

How to Choose!

I started writing my book and it didn’t take long before I felt overwhelmed. I love being creative. In all my 38 years I’ve never had a creative outlet I really loved before now. I only had my job. I was a builder…. I built buildings. I was good at my job because I’m a … Continue reading How to Choose!

Recovered (Rough Draft)

Chapter 1 The End was the Beginning Page 1 It’s 3 a.m. and I’m shivering. Half of my body is sweating and the blankets on the bed have lost my heat. My mind is racing. I can’t hold a thought for more than a few seconds. My eyes can’t decide if they want to be … Continue reading Recovered (Rough Draft)

I’m Not A Writer

I’m not a writer…. So I write. No one told me I’m not a writer or I could never be a writer, I just don’t consider myself one….YET! I enjoy writing though. Very much so. I enjoy throwing my thoughts onto the screen like a bowl of alphabet soup and then trying to piece it … Continue reading I’m Not A Writer


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